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Time Management

Outline : -


Time management overview

  •        Principles of time management
  •        Topic B: Productivity cycles
  •        Topic C: Goals and priorities

Time management plans

  •        Topic A: Time management plan
  •        Topic B: Daily plan

Technology and time management

  •        Topic A: Technology saves time
  •        Topic B: Say “No”


  •        Topic A: Interruptions and meetings
  •        Topic B: Factors affecting productivity

Information overload

  •        Topic A: Causes of information overload
  •        Topic B: Organize your office
  •        Topic C: Communication 
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Alex for You Center is a professional public service institution that provides support and development of the vocational education for all subjects interested in vocational education in Egypt.

Alex for You was founded; opening Ceremony was held in October 2003 in Hilton Green Plaza Hotel. Businessmen, Industrialists and human resources managers attend this ceremony, and representatives of famous industrialists in Egypt.

As we have good relations with Alexandria University and professional engineers in industry, we have motivated the experts to direct their experience towards industry through professional training courses which gather round development, modernization and practical applications.

Alex for You Mission

The mission of the Alex for You Center is to provide quality vocational education and training in accordance to the needs of the labor market, to contribute in raising the level of youth employment, and to improve the efficiency and the competitiveness in the economy.

Alex for You Center would achieve its mission creating climate for establishing flexible system for vocation education based on the philosophy of lifelong learning as:

  1. Continuous and full inclusion of the vocational education to all members of society ...
Alex for You
1 Syria street -Deeb Mall - 10th floor - 2nd Office - Roushdy - Alexandria , Alexandria, Egypt
03 5410381
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