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This seminar is designed for Team Leaders and Project Managers who are involved in managing requirements throughout a software development project lifecycle. Every day, projects suffer from challenges and complications related to requirements management not recognizing that the source of these issues and their solutions lie into managing requirements. While most companies address requirements engineering from merely the requirements definition perspective, very few understand the paramount importance of managing requirements beginning to end. The course will thus help you fill the gap in your current practice and introduce you to best worldwide practices of requirements management.

Prerequisites: None
Duration: 9 hours

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Reqmaster specializes in Business Analysis. We work with solution requirements and design, enterprise architecture, and change management.

Reqmaster started in Cairo, Egypt and currently serves the local as well as the International market. Our customers have previously been in Singapore, Egypt, t
he UAE, and the US, and just starting in Europe.

You may be a bank, a retail, a government agency, a telco, or an IT vendor. You can use Reqmaster services for:

- Business Analysis
- Requirements Development and Management
- Enterprise Analysis
- Software Functional Design
- Business Process Improvement

We offer:
- An outsourcing model, where we completely take over any of the above functions
- A consultancy model, where we offer advices and recommendations
- An educational model, where we offer hands-on training courses for your employees
124 Othman Ibn Affan st, Cairo, Heliopolis, Egypt
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