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Social Media Marketing

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In-Person / Short Course
Ended last Sep 14, 2019
EGP  2,000.00


This Course is based on “4” Main Tracks to qualify you to become a “Great Social Media Marketer


• Marketing Management.

• Social Media Marketing.

• Content Marketing & Creation.

• Social Media & Facebook Advertising.

o Track No.1: “Marketing Management”:

• The History of Marketing from the beginning era to the inbound

Marketing age.

• The difference between "Need, Want & Demand.

• Overview about the Marketing Research & Its Steps.

• Segmentation, Targeting.

• Differentiation & Brand Positioning.

• The Marketing Mix "4p's".

• Promotional Mix.

• CRM & Its Role.

  • Practical Workshop.

v Note: About more than 30 Case Studies from the Egyptian & International Markets to cover each point of them.

o Track No. 2: “Social Media Marketing”

• Digital Marketing types.

• Social Media Marketing & its importance.

• Social Media Analytics & Insights.

• Facebook & Instagram Algorthitem.

• Social Media Listening & Mentoring.

• How to create Social Media Marketing Plan from A to Z.

• How to set your Social Media Objectives & set your KPI's.

• How to analyze your Competitors online.

• Social Media Rules “Do & Don’t”.

• How set a Monthly Social Media Calendar.

• Social Media ROI.

  • Practical Workshops.

o Track No. 3: “Content Marketing”:

• What is Content Marketing?

• The Importance of Content Marketing to your Business.

• Types of Content.

• Content creation, content curation and content repurposing.

• How to write a Selling & Catchy content that increases your Conversion rates & your Company Sales.

• The difference between Target Audience & Buyer Persona.

• How to identify the right Buyer Personas for your Business.

• How to Create a Buyer Persona Sheet.

• How to get content ideas for your business.

• How to create content Marketing strategy.

• How to use News & Trend jacking Techniques.

  • Content Creation Workshop.

o Track No. 4: “Social Media & Facebook Advertising”:

The Main Objective of this Track is to learn you how to Create your

“Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp or Messenger Campaigns from A to Z:

• Facebook Business Module.

• Campaign Objectives.

• Facebook Targeting.

• Ad Placement.

• Ad Budget & Schedule.

• Ad Bidding.

• Ad Optimization.

• Ad Formats.

• Campaign Analysis and breakdown.

• How to measure your Campaign ROI “Return on Investment”.

  • Practical Workshops.


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Aug 23, 2019 - Sep 14, 2019
Fri, Sat 06:00 PM — 10:00 PM
No. of Days: 8
Total Hours: 32
No. of Participants: 25
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