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UX-UI Design with Adobe XD Diploma

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This course focus on the most important UX design topics to give you the power to start in real project and to understand how, why and when you make the right design decision to resolve the problems.
  • The purpose of this Course is to give you a full understand to the UX-UI approach and process.
  • This course is meant to help those just starting out to have a sound understanding of what to know and what questions they can ask as they put resources towards making their business more successful.


Course Outline:

UX Design Overview
  • Intro to User Experience Design.
  • What’s UX?
  • Why UX?
  • User Goals & Business Objectives
UX in agile software development.
  • Elements of UX Design.
  • UX Design Process
  • Listen and understand
  • Research and analysis
  • Design
  • Delivery and test
What’s a UX strategy?
  • Meet our client & start the project
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Why are Stakeholder interviews important?
  • What are the user needs?
  • Conducting compotator analysis
Understanding business model
  • Business model canvas
  • Value proposition canvas
  • We will Conduct Stakeholder interviews with real business owners if it is available or with any trainee who plays the business owner role.
  • Each trainee will choose his own project to apply what he has learned.
Planning and research
  • Overview of UX design workflow
  • Understanding the User Needs and business Goals
  • Why Research is critical?
  • Research methods and tools.
Creating user personas
  • Understanding scenarios and user stories
  • Creating user personas
  • Brainstorming features that align with user needs
  • Aligning features with scenarios
  • Illustrating key user flows by storyboarding
  • Deliverables of the Research
  • Review Deliverables of the Research and user personas
  • Creating Storyboarding
Information Architecture
  • What is Information Architecture?
  • Why is information architecture important?
  • How to design a usable information architecture
Sketching, Wireframing and Prototyping
  • Sketching your screens
  • Building a wireframe
  • UX wireframing tools
  • Building a prototype
  • Sketching Project screens
Visual Design Principles
  • What is UI Design?
  • UI Design and Why it Matters
  • Design principles
  • Design Elements
  • Creating application splash screen and onboarding screens.
Validation and testing 
  • What is Usability Testing?
  • Types of Usability Testing
  • Usability Testing Process
  • User usability tools
  • Conducting usability testing
  • How to conduct Usability Test?
  • How to communicate Usability Test Results?
Adobe XD Experience Design
  • Introducing the Experience Design workspace
Tools and menu items
  • Setting your Adobe XD Home screen
  • Previewing your work
  • Design VS Prototyping view
Working with artboards in Adobe XD
  • Adding and deleting
  • Resizing Adobe XD artboards
Adding objects in Adobe XD Designs
  • Creating shapes and objects
  • Editing shapes
  • Customizing and saving Adobe XD shapes
  • Practical Example
  • Importing objects into Adobe Experience Design projects
  • Importing raster images
  • Importing vector graphics
  • Importing UI Elements into Adobe Experience Design
Adding text to Adobe XD projects
  • Editing text properties
  • Importing text into Adobe XD
Using Adobe XD UI Kits
  • Practical Example
  • Using the Adobe XD Repeat Grid
  • Importing updated text into your grids
  • Using the Pen tool in Experience Design
  • Pen tool tips and tricks in Adobe XD
  • Using custom pen paths for masks
  • Importing images into Adobe XD
  • Masking images
  • Cropping images in Adobe XD
  • Practical Example
Working with objects in Adobe XD
  • Grouping and ungrouping
  • Cloning Adobe XD objects
  • Aligning and distributing
  • Adobe XD Symbols
  • Creating and editing existing symbols
Creating interactivity within Adobe Experience Design
  • Creating links in an Adobe XD project
  • Creating transitions between screens
  • Simulating user interactions with the None transition
  • Creating back links
  • Practical Example
Sharing your Adobe XD prototype
  • Viewing Adobe XD designs on mobile devices
  • Recording prototype interactions
  • Sharing Adobe XD projects online
  • Sharing and replying to comments
  • Embedding prototype into Behance
  • Practical Example
Project Reviews
  • Final Project Presentations


Mar 07, 2020 - May 30, 2020
Mon, Wed, Sat 06 — 10:00 PM
Mar 14, 2020 - May 29, 2020
Fri, Sat 10:00 AM — 04:00 PM
Total Hours: 60
No. of Participants: 15
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