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Autodesk® Maya, a design visualization platform offers state-of-the-art technology used in game development, feature films and creating photo-realistic renderings in Architecture and Industrial Design.
  • Maya software is  the  worlds most powerfully integration 3d modeling, animation, effects and rendering solution.
  • Maya also adds to the quality and realism of 2d ; That’s  why  film  and video  artists, game  developers,  visualization  professionals, web  and  print  designers  turn  to  Maya to  take  their  work  to  meet  the  demands  of  next  generation  production.


Course Outline:
Introduction to Maya: 
  • The interface
  • Working in view panel
  • The main Maya window
  • Customizing the interface

Quick start with Maya:
  • Maya project structure.
  • Create primitive objects.
  • Move objects  in 3d space.
  • Use the Maya view tools
  • Chang display of your objects
  • Name your objects.
  • Save your scene
  • Groups and parent
  • Script editor

Introduction about modeling:
  • Understand topology.
  • Modeling concept
  • Selection kind

Polygon and nurbs  modeling: 
  • understanding basics anatomy ferns the head and body 
  • How to view polygon component.
  • How to edit a simple polygon models.
  • Understanding several   polygon tools.
  • Understanding smooth proxy mood.
  • How to smooth  the model.
  • Shading and texturing 
  • Under standing Maya connections.
  • Thy hyper shade.
  • Building simple shading network.
  • Under standing shedders attributes.
  • Basic material physics.

Polygon UV and texturing:
  • Basic for texturing polygon surface.
  • Project us
  •  Organize UV, in the UV texture editor.
  • Exports UV snap shot to photo shop.
  • Painting the color map, bump map  in Photoshop.
  • Assign the maps in Maya.
  • Autodesk mudbox
  • brushes
  • Sculpting  Techniques
  • Texturing with mudbox
  • Extracting color maps and normal map
  • Integration between maya and mudbox

  • Explorer the different types of  light in Maya
  • Understanding lighting
  • The difference between lighting in 3d and real life and how to take it in the 3d.
  • Shadow types.
  • Lighting and shadow tricks.
  • Lighting scene with maya software render
  • Raytracing in maya software

render techniques:
  • Render  with Arnold
  • Understanding photos behavior
  • Understanding and explorer Arnold nodes
  • Occlusion
  • Raytraceing in Arnold
  • Render pases
  • Composting with aftereffects

  • Set key frame.
  • Use graph editor.
  • Change the infinity of an animation.
  • Use the time slider.
  • Add custom attributes.
  • Use set driven keys . {Driver and driven}.
  • Character setup and animation:
  • How to use joint tool.
  • Create character selector
  • Set the controllers
  • Use ik handle  {inverse kina mastics}
  • Knowing the ik, fk technique
  • Finishing the holl rig for the character
  • Walk cycle

Facial expression:
  • Knowing the basic expression
  • Understanding deformers
  • Facial expression with blend shape
  • Piant effects: 
  • Explorer the powerful of paint effects in Maya and the different brushes and library.
  • Paint on carves
  • Paint on 3d mode
  • Covering the huge attributes of each brush and feels its power.
  • Animating the brushes
  • Convert paint effects to polygon

Maya dynamics:
  • Understanding dynamics attributes
  • Add live effects to an object
  • Control the partials behavior
  • Intense and making crowds
  • Add fields
  • Particals rendering

Rigid body animation:
  • Create passive rigid body
  • Create an active rigid body
  • Add hilts to rigged body
  • Simulate your  dynamics

Soft body:
  • The different type of soft bodies.
  • How to control different parts in the same soft body object
  • Controlling the partial eight


Mar 19, 2020 - May 28, 2020
Tue, Thu, Sun 06:00 PM — 10:00 PM
Total Hours: 80
No. of Participants: 15
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