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Sculpture of the visual arts is one of the types of plastic arts, and depends on the creation of three-dimensional models, through the engraving (ie, removal of part of the material) and the formation (ie the addition of materials like clay). This art is practiced on different materials such as clay, stones, wood and the like.
Ceramics and ceramics result in the burning of works of art in special furnaces after their formation to become solid
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Who we are:
We are an educational center specialized in teaching music and fine art to students of all ages based on a modern & proven curriculum. We're currently only based in Cairo Egypt but we believe there's no limit to our reach. Our methodology has been tested to insure our students get the most value for the time and money they invest in learning and we're here to see it through.

Our Vision:
We aspire to be an educational and cultural beacon that helps promote art on all levels as we believe in art's capacity to sculpt intellect and creativity in people

Our Mission:
To maintain educational quality that delivers supreme value to our students and to cultivate an environment of craetivity, friendliness and synergy.
Finoon Arts Education Center
Cairo, Egypt
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