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Course Description

This course is a refresher for those who already hold a license. The license must be renewed every 2 years to remain up to date with current rules and regulations.

Course Objective

By the end of the program, participants will be able to:

·         Airlines

o    Safely and efficiently transport dangerous goods

o    Apply the IATA DGR Goods Regulation correctly

o    Understand the Legal aspects

o    Accept or Reject a shipment correctly by use of an Acceptance check list

o    Follow general emergency procedures when a damaged/leaking

·         Freight Forwarders / Cargo Agents / Shippers

o    Process dangerous goods uniformly through different carriers and freight forwarders using one set of regulations

o    Transport more cargo by correctly following procedures

o    Champion dangerous goods compliance standards   

Who Should attend?

Cargo Agents/Staff, Airline Staff, Freight Officers, Ground Handling Staff, Shippers/ Packers, or any other personnel who have attended the initial CAT-06 course and hold CAT-06 certificate

Course Outline

·         Major changes & amendments to DGR

·         Updates in IATA's DGR Manual

·         Limitations: Excepted & Limited Qty, hidden & forbidden DG, state & operator variations

·         Classification and Identification of Dangerous Goods

·         General & Specific packing requirements for DG / Overpacks

·         Different dangerous goods in one outer package

·         DG Transport Documents

·         Packaging requirements: Specification & testing, marking & labelling DG packages

·         Radioactive & Non-radioactive materials

·         Emergency procedures - damaged DG

Course Prerequisite (s)

Basic English and basic mathematics

Instructor Biography

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