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  • Understand your organization and its unique context
  • Clarify the needs and expectations of interested parties
  • Define the scope of your quality management system
  • Develop a QMS and establish documented information
  • Establish a QMS that complies with this standard
  • Maintain QMS documents and retain QMS records

  • Provide leadership by focusing on quality and customers
  • Provide leadership by encouraging a focus on quality
  • Provide leadership by encouraging a focus on customers
  • Provide leadership by establishing a suitable quality policy
  • Provide leadership by formulating your quality policy
  • Provide leadership by implementing your quality policy
  • Provide leadership by defining roles and responsibilities

  • Define actions to manage risks and address opportunities
  • Consider risks and opportunities when you plan your QMS
  • Plan how you’re going to manage risks and opportunities
  • Set quality objectives and develop plans to achieve them
  • Establish quality objectives for all relevant areas
  • Develop plans to achieve objectives and evaluate results
  • Plan changes to your quality management system

  • Support your QMS by providing the necessary resources
  • Provide internal and external resources for your QMS
  • Provide suitable people for your QMS and your processes
  • Provide the infrastructure that your processes must have
  • Provide the appropriate environment for your processes
  • Provide monitoring, measuring, and traceability resources
  • Provide suitable monitoring and measuring resources
  • Provide suitable measurement traceability resources
  • Provide knowledge to facilitate process operations
  • Support your QMS by ensuring that people are competent
  • Support your QMS by explaining how people can help
  • Support your QMS by managing your communications
  • Support your QMS by controlling documented information
  • Include the documented information that your QMS needs
  • Manage the creation and revision of documented information
  • Control the management and use of documented information
  • Control your organization's QMS documents and records
  • Control how QMS documents and records are controlled

  • Develop, implement, and control your operational processes
  • Determine and document product and service requirements
  • Communicate with customers and manage customer property
  • Clarify all product and service requirements and capabilities
  • Review product and service requirements and record results
  • Verify requirements before you accept orders from customers
  • Document your review of product and service requirements
  • Amend documents when product and service requirements change
  • Establish a process to design and develop products and services
  • Create an appropriate design and development process
  • Plan product and service design and development activities
  • Determine product and service design and development inputs
  • Specify how design and development process will be controlled
  • Clarify how design and development outputs will be produced
  • Review and control all design and development changes
  • Monitor and control external processes, products, and services
  • Confirm that external products and services meet requirements
  • Develop controls for externally provided products and services
  • Discuss your organization’s requirements with external providers
  • Manage and control production and service provision activities
  • Establish controls for production and service provision
  • Identify your outputs and control their unique identity
  • Protect property owned by customers and external providers
  • Preserve outputs during production and service provision
  • Clarify and comply with all post-delivery requirements
  • Control changes for production and service provision
  • Implement arrangements to control product and service release
  • Control nonconforming outputs and document actions taken
  • Identify and control nonconforming output to prevent unintended use
  • Document nonconforming outputs and the actions that are taken
  • Evaluation
  • Monitor, measure, analyze, and evaluate QMS performance
Plan how to monitor, measure, analyze, and evaluate
Find out how well customer needs and expectations are being met
Evaluate performance, effectiveness, conformity, and satisfaction
Use internal audits to examine conformance and performance
Audit your quality management system at planned intervals
Carry out management reviews and document your results
Review suitability, adequacy, effectiveness, and direction
Plan and perform management reviews at planned intervals
Generate management review outputs and document results

  • Determine improvement opportunities and make improvements
  • Control nonconformities and take appropriate corrective action
  • Correct nonconformities and address causes and consequences
  • Document your nonconformities and the actions that are taken
  • Enhance the suitability, adequacy, and effectiveness of your QMS
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Alex for You Center is a professional public service institution that provides support and development of the vocational education for all subjects interested in vocational education in Egypt.

Alex for You was founded; opening Ceremony was held in October 2003 in Hilton Green Plaza Hotel. Businessmen, Industrialists and human resources managers attend this ceremony, and representatives of famous industrialists in Egypt.

As we have good relations with Alexandria University and professional engineers in industry, we have motivated the experts to direct their experience towards industry through professional training courses which gather round development, modernization and practical applications.

Alex for You Mission

The mission of the Alex for You Center is to provide quality vocational education and training in accordance to the needs of the labor market, to contribute in raising the level of youth employment, and to improve the efficiency and the competitiveness in the economy.

Alex for You Center would achieve its mission creating climate for establishing flexible system for vocation education based on the philosophy of lifelong learning as:

  1. Continuous and full inclusion of the vocational education to all members of society ...
Alex for You
1 Syria street -Deeb Mall - 10th floor - 2nd Office - Roushdy - Alexandria , Alexandria, Egypt
03 5410381
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