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This course is intended to prepare attendees for the TOGAF® certification, whether as one phase or over two phases, as it covers the complete curriculum of the TOGAF 9 framework. The course explains enterprise architecture concepts through the various parts of the framework and how it can be used in developing an enterprise architecture.


TOGAF certification is one of the most recognized professional certifications in demand and is of added value to professionals who acquire this certificate.


Attendees will receive handouts of the training materials. Free catering and beverages are available all day long, and free lunch meal is offered. A certificate of attendance will be issued to attendees at the end of the training.


The course covers the following topics:

  • Introduction

  • Architecture Development Method (ADM)

  • ADM Guidelines and Techniques

  • Architecture Content Framework

  • Enterprise Continuum and Tools

  • Reference Models

  • Architecture Capability Framework


Experienced and qualified instructor from our experts.
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