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Competency Based Performance Management

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Managing performance is not difficult.  It’s about practical ways of improving how you do things in your organisation.  However, Managing performance involves much more than setting up a system. 

The mechanics, targets, indicators, and plans are only a small part of the process and they are easy to deal with in comparison to getting the right focus, leadership, and culture in place. Performance management is a fundamental and critical tool for best practice.

Performance management starts with recognising competencies – or the skills knowledge and behaviours that make performance effective.


The Benefits of an Integrated Framework

  Competencies - a powerful enabler to business performance.

  What is business performance?

  How does climate influence performance?

  What influences climate?

  Utilising process to improve performance

  Roles and Capability

  How role statements contribute to performance management

  Generic roles, contribution levels, and Business areas

  How to focus on contribution and not task, role purpose and not activity



Using Competency Frameworks

  Measuring WHAT and HOW with equal importance

  Constructing a competency framework for your organisation

  Applications of competency frameworks to Performance, Potential & Development

  Methods of Assessing Performance

  What is capability?  Knowledge, skills and behaviour?

  What is achievement?

  Assessing achievement and capability

  Application of achievement ratings

  Performance management is not a once a year activity!

  Performance management methods and techniques



Driving UP Performance

  How to manage performance with the measurement process in place

  What we can measure better, we can manage better

  Presenting the data clearly

  Analysing the data

  Setting the Right Goals and Objectives

  Self monitoring by employees and teams

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IFM Consultants is the pioneer and world leader in competency modeling. Our competency models are unique, reflecting the complex realities of performance. They show how characteristics interrelate in different situations to differentiate performance. IFM Consultants competency models enable you to be both more flexible and more precise in your selection decisions. They help you to understand development needs and priorities and they help identify patterns for career paths. 
Integrated Feasibility Consultants & Studies (IFM) L.L.C
20 Elgehad St. – Lebanon Square , Giza, Mohandeseen, Egypt 8655
02 330 23482 EXT: 115
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