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The topic of training analysis is a new and interesting area in today’s world class training functions. This programme specifically covers all the main areas of analysis including training evaluation. Persons attending this programme will have a complete set of analysis tools and many worked examples, which can be easily applied in the work place. These tools are essential to any training function.


Participants attending the programme will:

  •          Apply analysis techniques to 5 critical areas which contribute to effective training
  •          Be able to measure the effectiveness of the 4 types of business training
  •          Be able to demonstrate trends and do efficiency analysis
  •          Be able to set up and effectively measure any element of delivered training
  •          Demonstrate how trend changes can benefit the organisation
  •          Be able to measure competency by, department or company wide
  •          Use the latest evaluation model
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IFM Consultants is the pioneer and world leader in competency modeling. Our competency models are unique, reflecting the complex realities of performance. They show how characteristics interrelate in different situations to differentiate performance. IFM Consultants competency models enable you to be both more flexible and more precise in your selection decisions. They help you to understand development needs and priorities and they help identify patterns for career paths. 
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