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MARCH 2015 !!!

Our Objective is to share 21 years’ experience in the Egyptian market for the knowledge and consolidation through our future vision.

Mona Hussein Design Academy is institutionalized to inform and educate on anything that encompasses interior design. The benefit of this course is that there are no architecture or interior qualifications needed to apply but rather a plus, which means that this is not a technical course.

‪#‎MHDA‬ Round 3 Suppliers will be:

1. Digital Com ‪#‎Automation_Consultant‬.
2. Middle East ‪#‎MEP‬.
3. Knauf Ltd. Egypt ‪#‎false_ceiling‬.
4. Siraj ‪#‎lighting‬.
5. Joy ‪#‎kitchens‬.
6. Duravit ‪#‎bathrooms‬.
7. Marmonil ‪#‎marble‬‪#‎flooring‬
8. SAMS #flooring, ‪#‎ceramics‬.
9. Floors & more ‪#‎wood‬.
10. Tarkett ‪#‎vinyl‬
11. Jotun ‪#‎Paints‬
12. Warda ‪#‎fabrics_and_wallpapers‬.
13. Misr Gallery ‪#‎artists‬.

Head Subjects:

1. Introduction to interior Design.
2. Interior design project phases In Details.
3. False Ceiling.
4. Lighting 
5. Kitchens.
6. Bathrooms.
7. Hard Flooring.
8. Soft Flooring.
9. Wooden work and Hardware.
10. Paints.
11. FF&E - Accessories -Carpets & Curtains.
12. Art and Sculpture.

Along with Villa Case study and Workshops.

Time and Place:

The course consists of 12 sessions that will take place every Saturday, from 7th of March to 30th of May 2015, from 11:00 am - 3:00 pm at Nile Maxim Boat, Zamalek. Excluding Saturday 11th April 2015.


The Academy Fee is 7,500 Egyptian Pounds.


We offer places on a first come first served basis to ensure fairness among with our apprentices. To book your seat, 50 % is payable and 50% Maximum by 1st of March 2015.
Head Office Address: km 38, Cairo-Alex desert road, Sheikh Zayed, Giza, Egypt.

Phone: +202 38540180, Mob: +2 012 27498221.

New Cairo Office Address: 20 C south of the police academy, 5th Settlement, New Cairo, Egypt.

Phone: +202 26135382, Mob: +2 01028588004.

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Mona Hussein Design House MHDH is a multi-disciplinary and leading Cairo-based design firm founded by Mona Hussein in 1993. MHDH offers integrated design services.
Our services have specific needs that require guru specialist knowledge. MHDH leads a creative and ambitious team of 40 interior designers, architects and graphic artists who give attention to the smallest details of design works.
Our designers have an enquiringly and receptive mind; aware of latest trends; up to date with new solutions, materials and technologies; keeping a close eye on social and cultural trends. We share together our passion and vision.

We also own a home grown Egyptian furniture store and workshop MAHALLY. MAHALLY with its success in the artful historic conceptions of sweet Egyptian cultures coalesced with contemporary design in order to combine the art and passion.

In addition to the Mona Hussein Design Academy MHDA which specializes in interior design and decoration education. The MHDA supports and share the knowledge for the benefit of all. It gives a jump start for all young designers to move forward in their career. 

“We are driven by our commitment to the best quality and inspired by everything that surrounds us” ...
Mona Hussein Design House (MHDH)
Sodic Headquarter, Km 38 Cairo-Alex desert road, 6th of October, Giza, 6th of October, Egypt 12451
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