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API Testing CourseAPI Functional and Non-Functional TestingOverview:

API Testing is for anyone who needs to learn the best practices in career

Target Audience:

This course is designed for Software Testers, QC Engineers, QC Leads, and Software Developers.

  • Software Testers working for at least one year in the software testing field.
API Testing Fundamentals:
  • XML Basics.
  • What is XML?
  • The Difference Between XML and HTML.
  • How Can XML be Used?
  • Fundamentals.
  • What is an API?
  • Why do we need to perform API?
  • Advantages of API.
  • Challenges in API.
  • Functional API.
  • API Types.
  • SOAP.
  • Request & Response.
  • What’s a web service?
  • What is WSDL?
  • What is Swagger?
  1. What is Postman?
  2. Why Use Postman?
  3. How to use Postman
  4. Working with GET Requests.
  5. Working with POST Requests.
  6. How to do the Parameterize Requests works.
  7. How to Create Postman Tests.
  8. You will learn, how to Create Collections.
  9. How to Run Collections using Collection Runner.
  1. SoupUI Overview
  2. REST Service using Soap UI.
 Non-Functional:Security Testing:
  • Overview of Security Scans.
  • OWASP API Security Project
  • Working with Security Scans.
Performance Testing:
  • Load Test Strategies.
  • Load Testing Vs. Stress Testing Vs. Performance Testing.
  • Why Load Testing Is So Important.
  • Load Test Requirements.
  • How to Load you’re API.
  • Key Performance Indicators for load testing.
  • Understanding of load test reports.
Duration: 4 days – Full time
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TestPRO is an Egyptian company founded in 2012 and headquartered in Nasr City, Cairo. In 2013 TestPRO became an Accredited Training Provider from the Egyptian Software Testing Board to provide ISTQB – Foundation Level. In 2014 TestPRO became an ISTQB Silver Partner and joined the partnership program as the First Company in MENA.

TestPRO Provides Software Testing Training such as  ISTQB-Foundation Level, ISTQB Test Analyst,  ISTQB-Agile Tester, ISTQB-Test Manager,  Software Testing Essentials, API Testing, Performance Test, Security Testing, and Test Automation.

TestPRO is an ISTQB Gold Partner. 

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